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Should talk radio be interactive or do you not care?

I listen to CKNW a lot. I also have listened to Dan Russell’s Sportstalk for years and years and years. I’m not here to blast Dan but I’m here to mention my personal frustration. I’m curious to know what radio listeners in Vancouver and the province think about talk radio and interaction. There is Twitter, […]

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Team 1040 or CKNW Sportstalk – Canucks Post Game

What’s your choice for Vancouver Canucks radio post game show? I generally go with Dan Russell and CKNW. It’s been my own tradition but what about yours? Do you stay up past midnight listening to Vancouver Canucks playoff post game shows? I will say that Vancouver radio does a great job at covering the Vancouver […]

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Vancouver Radio Station Morning Shows – Your Favorites Are?

Yes morning show on Vancouver radio are a big part of our lives, especially for those of us making daily commutes. If you have a car you have a favorite morning show I’m sure. Vancouver BC means pretty lousy traffic and driving. Those radio traffic reports are important. How so? What do you listen to […]

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CKNW Reception – New Ways To Enjoy Vancouver Radio Stations

I’ve lived in the West End Vancouver BC in the past. I know the issues around getting good AM reception for CKNW among others. Yes, it’s sad but true. The most popular Vancouver BC radio station and the reception essentially is horrible for apartment dwellers. I’m curious if you’ve discovered new ways to enjoy Vancouver […]

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