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Should talk radio be interactive or do you not care?

I listen to CKNW a lot. I also have listened to Dan Russell’s Sportstalk for years and years and years. I’m not here to blast Dan but I’m here to mention my personal frustration. I’m curious to know what radio listeners in Vancouver and the province think about talk radio and interaction. There is Twitter, […]

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Barry MacDonald and Don Taylor – New Team 1040 Afternoon Show

Well the dust has settled and now there is a new show at the Team 1040. You can’t question the integrity of either Barry MacDonald and Don Taylor. Heck weren’t they on that sports show names Sports Page? Um, yes they were. So now they are united on the airways on the Team 1040. Have […]

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Dave Pratt and Team 1040 officially part ways

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Dave Pratt was in contract negotiations with the Team 1040 radio in Vancouver. His contract ended on August 31 and up until today, it appeared at an impasse. Well it’s official apparently. The Vancouver Sun has just reported that Dave Pratt is no longer on the Team 1040. […]

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Rumour: Another Sports Radio Station Coming To Vancouver?

File this one away as baffling. I read a recent Vancouver Sun article which discussed the politics and behind the scenes issues that arise from massive corporate ownership. You know, the companies that own a bunch of other companies and there becomes overlap and competitive issues. It’s like a big rats nest of ownership and […]

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TEAM 1040 – The real frontman is Dave Pratt

I’ve said it before but when it comes to Vancouver talk radio, if you’re boring as a person, you are going to be doubly boring as a talk radio host. The furthest example you can find on the Vancouver airways right now is Dave Pratt from Team 1040 sports radio. You want an interesting personality? […]

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Simi Sara CKNW newest host starting August 22, 2011

Update: You can now see the official Simi Sara host page on CKNW here. Wow, talk about funny. Just a couple days ago I posted regarding CKNW and your favorite hosts. In addition I mentioned how amazing Simi Sara is and that she would be an amazing addition to the CKNW line-up. Well I’ve just […]

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