CKNW 980 and the Mike Eckford Show failure

I’m only one person. I have my opinions, but that isn’t to say there is any added value in my opinion vs. what your opinion is. However, I do have something to say about CKNW and the Mike Eckford Show. I’m also quite irritated that there is not any particular information on CKNW about the host change or the departure of Mick Eckford. As a courtesy to listeners, it would be nice to know what is going on. Hiding from your mistakes?

I don’t take any pleasure in kicking somebody when they are down. It’s not fair. Keyboard warriors are weaklings at heart. I don’t want to be one of those people. That said, I have to vent a bit on this subject. So to anyone associated with Mick Eckford, don’t let your feelings be hurt. Being a public figure means scrutiny and possible (most often) criticism. If the masses see you and or listen to you in a public forum, then being talked about publicly or criticized publicly is just part of the choice you make. I hope everyone in the public life is fully compensated because they deserve it, including Mike Eckford.

So to start, I want to first say to CKNW about the release of Mike Eckford… thank you. You will gain me back as a listener in the 2-6 time slot once again. Thank you for making the right decision and confirming what I thought. Obviously a lot of people were thinking the way I was thinking. That said, this is being sold as a “resignation”. Out of fairness, that may be fine, but I certainly would like to think that management took the initiative on ending Eckford’s stint on CKNW.

I’m going to point fingers here because I sat through some irritating radio during the course of the Mike Eckford show on CKNW. I’m questioning out loud, the decision making from management. Why Mike Eckford in the first place?

My point is this. Mike Eckford was/is who exactly? He is a great interviewer. Right. That’s what he did on community television and he did it well. People didn’t tune into Urban Rush to see what Mike thought about the bike lanes or national security. In other words, Mike Eckford was the interviewer, and not the interviewee. People don’t care about the person asking the questions do they? In some cases sure, interviewers have been able to become their own celebrity. However, Mike wasn’t not nearly at that level of celebrity. So with that logic, why would anyone care what Mike Eckford thinks about current events?

Eckford may be well known in the local market, but he’s not a person who built a career and brand on his views or opinions. Sure you can bring him onto CKNW to host his own show, but people have no idea who he is or what he stands for. Sure there was some dialogue on Urban Rush, but that show was about the guests. If his CKNW show was about guests and interviews, then sure it makes more sense. However, interviews are a very small part of CKNW and thus, hiring Mike Eckford made little sense in the first place. If he’s not spending most of his time doing what he’s good at, then how could he possibly succeed?

The question is for listeners, why do I care about Host XYZ and their opinion? If that host doesn’t have a history or brand built on their own views and opinions, what sense does it have for them to be on the #1 talk radio station in the market? People need to care about a hosts opinion. A person with a brand name doesn’t mean that they are interesting or entertaining enough to hold their own and host the most demanding time slot on the best radio station in Vancouver.

I also have another Mike Eckford story that I will share, but I will wait before posting that juicy bit of dialogue.

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