The Shift with Mike Eckford on CKNW


Do you know who Mike Eckford is? How about Michael Eckford? If you’ve watched the popular Shaw community channel show “Urban Rush”, then certainly you know Mike Eckford. Well he’s coming to CKNW with a new show.

With the news about Dan Russel’s Sportstalk not being renewed, there was a lot of questions about what’s in store for CKNW. They said they were going in a different direction which is why they didn’t keep Sportstalk. I’m sure in the next few days or weeks we’re going to hear about the 10pm to Midnight time slot and who gets in there. Is it for sure to have David Pratt talking sports in that time slot?

The Shift is starting this Fall and will be heard Mondays through Fridays from 7pm to 10pm. It’s unclear about topics or themes, but it sounds like it will stay interesting and unpredictable. Mike Eckford is an excellent interviewer so I’m sure having guests will be a big part of the show. I’m sure from Urban Rush he’s done a lot of networking and should have an incredible resource to draw from for The Shift.

Good move by CKNW. Mike Eckford will pull in a younger demographic I’m sure. He’s young and in touch with the community and most “cool things” going on in the world. I don’t think they could have found a better personality for a younger audience. I’m not suggesting they will be talking about fluff, but the reality is he’s younger than most all other on air hosts on CKNW right now.

Here is a sound promo for The Shift:

[See official details on CKNW]

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