Dan Russell Sportstalk on CISL AM 650

This is one of the rumors making the rounds these days. Dan Russell and Sportalk on CISL 650. Dan has said via his Twitter account that he won’t announce where his show is moving until this week is completed at CKNW 980. So to say that CISL AM650 is the new home for Sportstalk is speculation at this point in time. There are a number of articles suggesting a move to CISL. Given that AM650 has a number of talk shows, it’s entirely possible. Frankly as long as Dan stays in the local market, I will be more than happy wherever that home may end up being.

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  1. Barney Braun September 4, 2013 at 1:20 pm #

    Dan I work 9pm to 5am I miss your show when will you be starting and what time?

  2. Coach Vic LeMire September 26, 2013 at 12:58 am #

    I began associating with Dan Russell way back with his Richmond Sockeyes Junior broadcasts. Dan IS a LEGEND! There is no doubt about it. Like everyone in the public eye, you will gain your detractors as well as your supports and I’m convinced that his “honesty” in broadcasting has given him MORE supporters than anything else!

    Nothing was ever “given” to Dan… he always earned it! Hard work, proper research, and always willing to tell it like it is are his best qualities as a broadcaster.
    I’m so proud to have met this LEGEND!

    Good luck, Dan … wherever your valuable voice caries you!

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