Did anyone notice the new CKNW logo?

We’ve already discussed the loss of Sportstalk on CKNW 980 and that the station is “moving in a different direction” in that time slot or perhaps all together. Is their new logo an indicator of the giant 98 and their lack of faith in sports? On the CKNW website, they still list Sports on their homepage, but the logo tells a different story. In case you didn’t know, it used to include sports, but now just has news and talk. Clearly TEAM 1040 is the sports king in the city and losing Dan Russel and Sportstalk might be paving the way for further sports department reductions. Perhaps Pratt takes over Dan’s time slot. If the nightly Sportstalk show goes away, then I suppose CKNW can and should remove sports from their logo. Kind of sad to be honest.

Check it out:

The official new logo:


Our bigger version of the new logo:

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