Fix poor CKNW 980 reception with Telus Optik TV

As you may or may not be aware, the CKNW reception in downtown Vancouver is for lack of a better term, pathetic. The #1 radio station and the reception can be this bad? It’s something I as an end user and half a brain cannot quite understand. With that said there are a few options. The obvious one is the simply go to and stream their feed right off their site. No issues there and it works very well, although their player is not nearly as user friendly (like the nice pause button) that you can find when using the TEAM 1040 online player.

With all this said, you can use Telus Optik TV for listening to CKNW 980. The reason I mention this is because you can actually record the audio onto the PVR which is a nice bonus. From what I tried, I could not pause or fast forward the recording. I admit I wanted to listed to Dan Russell’s Sportstalk and did record it using the Telus PVR. At that time, I had to listen to the whole broadcast without the ability to pause of fast forward. Heck it’s better than nothing although you can always go to the CKNW website and go to their audio vault archives.

So if you have Telus Optik TV, you need to simply go to channel 3700.

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