Listen to TEAM 1040 Online. Here’s why!

You may not listen to Vancouver radio via the internet. If you haven’t, but you could, then I suggest you check out the TEAM 1040 streaming player.

The reason I like it so much is that there is the almighty Pause button. Think. Pause live radio? Yes! I don’t need to spell out the advantages here but can you say fast forward to the good stuff? You can certainly save yourself time in a sense. Hate a guest? Click pause! Wait a few minutes, slide up on the player bar to a point beyond that guest.

If you want to compare the TEAM 1040 player to the CKNW 980 player, it’s no contest. The CKNW player lets you click Stop or Play. That’s it. If you do click stop it saves you opening the streaming window and that annoying opening ad. Aside from that though you get no flexibility with the CKNW player. I think they need to get with the times. They are showing their age!

The best news is that the TEAM 1040 player is the same player for the radio stations owned by the same group. So in other words you aren’t just limited to sports talk radio. You can find various other Vancouver radio stations from the same player. It’s fantastic and I recommend you check it out. I promise you won’t go back to traditional methods of listening unless you are away from a wifi signal.

Check out TEAM 1040 Live Stream here.

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