My email to Sportstalk on CKNW 980

Have you wanted to call up a Vancouver radio station? It’s fun if you haven’t tried it. What’s not fun is not being able to make your point. Poor hosts cut you off after your initial comment and don’t allow a follow up. It’s frustrating believe me. It’s not a discussion or dialogue at that point. Thing is there is nothing you can do about it.

How about email? Well I can tell you that an equally futile effort is emailing a radio station or talk show. I get that they receive a lot of email. You must understand that your words and effort are most likely going into a black hole. So keep it to a sentence or two and don’t bother wasting your time. Below is an example of my email to Dan Russell’s Sportstalk on CKNW. I wanted to post here to at least get a chance to be heard and perhaps you can voice your own opinion here in the comments section about it.

Hi Dan. I certainly agree to disagree with the common sediment out there that Roberto was terrific in the first couple games. My point is that a soft goal is not equal to making a great save. In fact it’s the soft goal that kills a team mentally. Game 7 last year anyone? First goal was a softy along the ice right through the five hole. The team knows how hard getting one goal against Thomas let alone two. Same thing with this current situation. One soft goal and the team knows the uphill battle just to get one on the LA stopper.
If Roberto plays the next game you know he is good for a softy. When hasn’t he let one of those in? Sure the brilliant ones outshine the softies for some observers, but a softy is deflating to a team. Much easier to swallow a goal from a wicked shot or one timer. I’m saying the team mentally likely isn’t over Roberto in the finals last year. He just isn’t solid enough. Yes make the big save but let in the softy. Why then is everyone giving him so much credit? A lot of pucks got past him, didn’t anyone notice in the first two games? Man of the match? Seriously?
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