Dave Pratt back on Vancouver radio. CKNW in fact!

News has broke that Dave Pratt aka David Pratt is joining the sports department on CKNW. His first shift? Catch him Monday morning at 7:10 am. He’s filling in for Neil Macrae who is on holidays.

Isn’t this interesting? Personally I’ve been wondering about Dave Pratt. Perhaps it’s after listening to the new TEAM 1040 afternoon show perhaps. I’m not sure. I can say though Dave Pratt really fell off the radar in Vancouver. That’s a bad thing when his name is a brand. A controversial brand, but a brand none the less.

This is about as shocking a placement as you can get. CKNW? With that said Neil Macrae isn’t exactly conventional so Pratt does seem like a great replacement. Dave is a show horse and doing a few sport reports really isn’t sufficient. What would be smart for CKNW? Get Dave Pratt his own show on the station. It can be a lifestyle/sports show. It would be entertainment that’s for sure. Dare I see CKNW needs some entertainment value? Yes. Yes they do in a big way. I’m voting for a Dave Pratt Show on CKNW. You heard it here first…

Don’t believe me? See CKNW here.

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