More UFC talk on TEAM 1040 please!!

Did the TEAM 1040 miss the memo about this historic event?

Okay this is my rant about the TEAM 1040 and their lack of UFC discussion. One thing is clear. Their hosts are all too old. There is no nice way to say it. There really is no other way to break it down. They don’t seem to have one host that “gets it”. Apparently the management doesn’t see the need to add something new to the discussion. Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat…

I made a call today to the TEAM 1040 switchboard and asked the sarcastic question whether The Moj has heard of the UFC. Of course he has. I went on a bit of a tear to the poor guy on the other end. I felt so bad I called back ten minutes later to apologize. No point ranting to him as the points are a bit misguided. I need to either get on the air and challenge their hosts or I need to submit some type of feedback to the TEAM 1040.

I feel strongly about this topic though. The UFC is on FOX this weekend with the heavy weight championship title fight. It’s huge. It’s history for the UFC. It’s mainstream! Did the management at the TEAM 1040 miss the memo? Seems that way.

Yes the TEAM 1040 has a weekly MMA show. Yeah, buried in some time slot that nobody cares about or frankly even knows about. I also throw Dan Russel and CKNW Sportstalk into the same pot here. They are too old! The hosts are relics and too stubborn to get with what really matters to a significant portion of their audience. Am I wrong about the demographic? All those 45 year olds will shut off the radio at the mention of the UFC?

As I mentioned, I’m sick of it. There isn’t a single host on TEAM 1040 who is relevant to today’s sport fan. Do they think we are all 50 years old? Ask the president of the UFC about Canada and he will tell you we are the #1 MMA/UFC market in the world. Obviously the management can’t force Moj or BMac etc to actually watch the sport, but should they be forced? Isn’t part of your job to know sports? Don’t try to tell me that the UFC is some fringe sport. To be ignorant on the subject only speaks to closed minded and old age. That’s fine, but as a listener it’s gets real old real fast with BC Lions and Canucks talk 24/7. That’s safe sure.

It’s baffling to me how the Vancouver market can show its age like this. The media is old obviously. Squire Barnes is the only sports guy who’s apparently in touch with the real world. He knows UFC at least. It must be nice to have a job where you don’t have to learn the latest in your field. It’s like tech worker not learning the latest software. Why? Well because. They don’t want to and they like what they are used to. Heaven forbid that their job requires them to remain relevant.

To be fair, I know Don Taylor did dabble watching an event or part of an event. Something to do with his kids being interested in it. And I do believe it was Rick Ball who had UFC content on a regular basis. He’s the only guy and he’s not even a host anymore!

I’ll leave my rant at this for the moment. Please add yours!

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