New Team 1040 Afternoon Show – Entertaining for the first time today!

I’ve given it a chance. I’ve been listening to Barry MacDonald and Don Taylor since the departure of David Pratt. The TEAM 1040 hasn’t been the same since. Honestly it hasn’t. It takes much more than just sports talk to keep me interested.

Well today I was impressed! There was some drama! They interviewed Canucks GM Mike Gillis and he had some harsh words for a recent editorial in the Province regarding Roberto Luongo. That prompted a call in from the Editor and Chief from The Province who seems to not get along with Mr. Gillis. It was interesting. I found it a bit pathetic of Gillis to rip into a newspaper editoral. He doesn’t have better things to worry about? Canucks want to control the media in the town even more?

Well have a listen if you can on the TEAM 1040. It was something interesting. I think the new TEAM 1040 needs to create or manufacture some drama like this to spice it up. It’s not really in their personalities to be that way, but the job might very well demand it. We need entertainment guys. That’s the bottom line.

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