Dave Pratt and Team 1040 officially part ways

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Dave Pratt was in contract negotiations with the Team 1040 radio in Vancouver. His contract ended on August 31 and up until today, it appeared at an impasse. Well it’s official apparently. The Vancouver Sun has just reported that Dave Pratt is no longer on the Team 1040. No details unfortunately. But looking on the Team 1040 website, you won’t find the Pratt & Taylor show listed anymore.

Dave Pratt was Mr. Team 1040 and there is no replacing him. You simply can’t. Sure you can try, but more sport radio personalities lack just that. Personality. So no replacement mentioned.

I’m curious what this means for Don Taylor. I’m sure he has his own contract with the Team 1040 and he’s going to be back. Do he have a say in the new co-host? Can he get out of his contract now?

It was divulged that Don Taylor is a Sportsnet “guy” and the Team 1040 is not a Rogers station. That is a real conflict and I’m sure if Rogers could get him out they would. There was even that outlandish rumor that a different sports radio station could emerge on the Vancouver radio scene. So far fetched right now? Possible not. We know that Vancouver radio has seen some real gambles in the past and most of those gambles haven’t paid off. However that didn’t stop people from trying! Let’s see what happens. Pratt will be back soon. I’m sure of it especially with the Vancouver Canuck season starting soon.

Read the official story on the Vancouver Sun.

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