Barry MacDonald and Don Taylor – New Team 1040 Afternoon Show

Well the dust has settled and now there is a new show at the Team 1040. You can’t question the integrity of either Barry MacDonald and Don Taylor. Heck weren’t they on that sports show names Sports Page? Um, yes they were. So now they are united on the airways on the Team 1040. Have you listened yet?

So now the Dave Pratt era is over on the Team 1040. Who is the frontman now? Perhaps they don’t need one. Hard to say. I know that Barry MacDonald must be pretty darn happy about waking up at normal hours.

One thing is pretty certain. The Team 1040 afternoon show has become a lot more safe. Personalities like Dave Pratt don’t come along very often so for those of us tuning in to hear Pratt, we may be in for a real adjustment period. It’s hard to say how the new Team 1040 afternoon show will go. It’s too early and I for one will not pass judgment just yet. I’ll give the new duo a chance.

If Dave Pratt shows up in the same time slot on another station, then the Team 1040 is going to struggle. I’m not sure about whether I’m back with CKNW 980 in the afternoons or if I’m going to be entertained by B Mac and Don Taylor. My loyalties are only to entertaining radio. For that to happen the personalities need to be interesting.

What is your feeling about the B Mac and Don Taylor afternoon show thus far?

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