TEAM 1040 – The real frontman is Dave Pratt

I’ve said it before but when it comes to Vancouver talk radio, if you’re boring as a person, you are going to be doubly boring as a talk radio host. The furthest example you can find on the Vancouver airways right now is Dave Pratt from Team 1040 sports radio. You want an interesting personality? I present you Dave Pratt. Love him or hate him, he’s interesting.

Ask Brian Burke about Dave Pratt and you won’t hear but a string of swear words. Not the best of friends and lets leave it at that. The fact is Dave Pratt is a pro. He’s been there, done that and the Team 1040 should be very grateful to have him. The best promoter out there. If the radio supports a team or a cause, be assured Dave Pratt is going to heap on the praise and niceties.

I was torn for a while between CKNW and TEAM 1040 during the afternoon. Most times during the Vancouver Canucks season it would be Dave Pratt and Team 1040 winning me over. It’s just more interesting listening. Sure I might learn something more on CKNW, but their afternoon shows haven’t really kept my interest to the extent of Mr. Pratt.

So in the words of Dave Pratt, make no mistake about it, he’s the frontman of the entire Team 1040 radio station. I could insert the leather pants joke here, but that’s not necessary!

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