Rumour: Another Sports Radio Station Coming To Vancouver?

File this one away as baffling. I read a recent Vancouver Sun article which discussed the politics and behind the scenes issues that arise from massive corporate ownership. You know, the companies that own a bunch of other companies and there becomes overlap and competitive issues. It’s like a big rats nest of ownership and competitors. That’s what is going on with sports radio. The competitors? Let’s say TSN vs. Sportsnet. There is much more to it, but the bottom line is that it’s getting messy in sports land. Adding to the rumours is the fact the Canucks broadcast rights are nearing the end with current Team 1040 holders. Team 1040 is owned by Bell, not Rogers. Guess who the arena is named after now? How about the fact that Dave Pratt’s contract is due up in late August? Don Taylor is on Rogers Sportsnet, yet the TEAM 1040 is owned by Bell. See where all this is headed? It’s fascinating! On the flip side, the only way I could see a third sports radio station in Vancouver is if there was an NBA team here. Certainly if Rogers could attain the Canucks rights, a new talk radio station might be viable. Might. Going up against CKNW isn’t a small task. It’s very crowded in Vancouver sports radio and Team 1040, Team 1410 plus another new sports station? Can’t see it happening. Can you?


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