CKNW Afternoon Show with Sean Leslie

Not sure what it is but this past Friday I once again called into CKNW afternoon show. Ever done a call in to a talk radio program?

The topic was with Sean Leslie and the security cameras that the city has, but doesn’t use often. This is a real burn my britches type of topic and I had to call in. My beef?

It’s the politicians and BC Civil Liberties. That’s my problem. See it’s really simple. If it your problem and your loss, politicians don’t care. How so? Well they don’t use the cameras because jeez that’s a slippery slope with privacy. However, the sercurity cameras are about catching criminals and not preventing crime. The civil liberties go on and on about the police claiming cameras reduce crime. Really? Show the proof of the cops suggesting that. The police support cameras because it prevents crime? Or is it to help them get convictions? I think we all know the true answer to that.

It’s hard to convict in this country. Just read some headlines about that. You’re telling me that if the politian’s loved one was killed or assualted and there were no witnesses, that they wouldn’t be praying that a camera caught the crooks? Then what? Those skeptic politicians are suddenly proponents of security cameras? Give me a break. Easy to say you’re against them until you personally see a crime against you or your family and your only hope of a conviction is video evidence. Sure, you wouldn’t support security cameras? You would say you don’t believe in security cameras and for the police to ignore the evidence because it’s against our rights to have that video? How would those politians affected feel if the crooks walk away with no conviction because well, there was no eye witnesses? You know and I know exactly how they would be feeling. They would be wishing there was video evidence of the crime.

So to the politicians of Vancouver city council, I say shut up. Shut your mouths and have the cameras. Not as a deterent but as a vehicle to convict. You can’t afford more cops on the beat because of budget, so you better do something that gives you an edge over the bad guys.

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