On air today with CKNW afternoon show and Gord MacDonald

I’ve been checking in more lately with the CKNW afternoon show. What can I say? It’s slow in Canucksville and sometime it’s more interesting listening to stuff that matters. Well I’ve heard some rants from Gord MacDonald. As in, over the top style rants! Whatever the case last week he had me swearing at the radio. So fast forward to today. Gord’s topic was the comparison to how the rioters in the UK have been swiftly brought to court yet two months later Vancouver has yet to do anything.

I was working today but this is a subject I care about. I’ve been thinking about it. I was motivated so I called even though I was at work and that doesn’t leave a lot of free time to hang on the phone. Bottom line is that I got on air today with Gord MacDonald. He didn’t cut me off, let me have my say, and I finished the call satisfied that I got my point across. For what it matters, I made the point that our justice system is a joke and the cops should spend their valuable time on the streets and not trying to prosecute some rioting teenagers. My point is these aren’t repeat offenders. Get the main guys sure, but then be done with it. Ignore the politicians and get on with the important things. I suggest that is to be on the street maintain order to avoid putting people into the justice system which is a joke in lot of ways. It’s time to move on.

But the point here is about calling into CKNW. Are you a regular caller to any of the Vancouver talk radio shows? Any bad experiences calling up radio stations? I have a few stories but I’ll save those for another post later. Let’s hear about your CKNW call experiences!

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