Simi Sara CKNW newest host starting August 22, 2011

Update: You can now see the official Simi Sara host page on CKNW here.

Wow, talk about funny. Just a couple days ago I posted regarding CKNW and your favorite hosts. In addition I mentioned how amazing Simi Sara is and that she would be an amazing addition to the CKNW line-up. Well I’ve just noticed on the CKNW website that they announced Simi Sara is coming to do mid afternoon starting August 22. This is great news! She has an amazing personality and that’s a key ingredient when it comes to talk radio. If you’re boring as a person, you’re extra boring to listen to on the radio! So it would appear the Michael Smyth is gone and Simi Sara will be doing the 12:30 to 3 slot. I think that Simi would have been a much better choice than Christy Clarke so I’m glad CKNW has a chance to correct a wrong. I know Christy did a good job, but was there some self interest involved in that gig from day 1? I’m curious about that. With that said, Simi Sara won’t hold back on the questions and won’t let guests off easy. I’m hoping her style remains edgy, fair and blunt. Now I can start listening to CKNW in the afternoons again! Thank you Mr. CKNW for listening to me 😉

Check out this Simi Sara interview from a couple weeks ago talking about her new gig at CKNW:

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