Your favorite CKNW 980 host?

Personally I love talk radio. It’s hard to find a much better station than CKNW 980 when it comes to talk radio. I can’t say there is a host right now that I’m disliking, at least of the local hosts. The national shows I could do without but for our local CKNW AM980 hosts who’s your favorite? I can say that out of them all, I’m the biggest Dan Russel fan with Sportstalk. That’s a history for myself that goes way back so I have a real connection. Who is your favorite host? I can say there is one host that they do not have who I think they really should have, and that’s Simi Sara. She is fantastic and when she has filled in, she’s been a real champ. Pay her well and get her CKNW! I will post another time about Simi Sara and why I think she would be amazing to have on the talk radio host crew at CKNW AM980.

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