Bring Back David Berner To CKNW

I really have started to enjoy Sean Leslie on the weekends. I must say I was terribly disappointed when CKNW took David Berner off their station. If you don’t know who David Berner is, I suggest you check out his website here. I just learned that Mr. Berner now has his own show on Shaw TV. That’s great, but I have Telus TV.

But seriously. David Berner is just full of personality. His weekend show was marvelous! I was the right pace, the right topics and the right fit. He sometimes might be somewhat controversial, but his show on CKNW was never boring.

So with a show on Shaw TV now, could David Berner go back on radio? Is there time in his schedule? Perhaps not. CKNW could find a spot for him couldn’t they? Even as a fill in host when Sean Leslie is not available would be better than nothing. I always thought there should be some Vancouver radio station looking to add David Berner to their line-up. Perhaps not a great fit on TEAM 1040 unless they are really thinking outside the box. CKNW just seems like the right place for Mr. Berner.


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