Vancouver Radio Stations – Lots of talk or lots of music?

I make no secret of the fact that I love most of the Vancouver radio stations. There is something far more interesting to me hearing people talk than there is in my own MP3 playlists. So for me, my favorite part of listening to Vancouver radio stations is really about the personalities and the DJs. If you listen to Larry and Willy you’re telling me that it’s not way better than an endless loop of music? If you notice, most of the popular British Columbia morning shows involve a lot of dialogue and conversation. You don’t need to only be on CKNW or News 1130 or TEAM 1040 to hear conversation and discussion on Vancouver radio.

So why do you listen to Vancouver radio stations? You prefer more music than talk or is it the other way around? My vote is for lots of talk and less music. Do you agree?

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