CKNW Reception – New Ways To Enjoy Vancouver Radio Stations

I’ve lived in the West End Vancouver BC in the past. I know the issues around getting good AM reception for CKNW among others. Yes, it’s sad but true. The most popular Vancouver BC radio station and the reception essentially is horrible for apartment dwellers.

I’m curious if you’ve discovered new ways to enjoy Vancouver radio stations like CKNW which suffer from reception issues. I can tell you that obviously the internet and listening online to Vancouver radio is great. That likely works for most people out there. I do it all the time quite frankly. Now you can get Vancouver radio station apps. That means even less concerns about lousy AM signals for CKNW and others.

Well add another great option. I have Telus Optik TV and there you can get all the Vancouver radio stations. I often find myself tuning into CKNW Sportstalk or other radio stations just because it’s simple to do.

So for anyone to say Vancouver radio is dead or is dying, they are completely wrong. The fact is in 2011, there are more and better ways of listening to Vancouver radio stations. We all are getting mobile and the Vancouver radio is following right along with the technology. It’s obvious that people love radio because of the personalities and dialogue. That attraction will never go away. Vancouver radio forever!

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