Best Vancouver Radio Stations For Vancouver Traffic Reports

Sure we live in a world where there is Twitter and other instant messaging options. Does that mean Vancouver radio traffic reports are still relevant in 2011? Do you still rely heavily on radio to provide your traffic? I would suspect that most people rely on the trusty, or not so trusty, Vancouver radio stations for their traffic reports.

With that said, what do you do to stay updated on Vancouver traffic? There are many options out there and obviously every Vancouver radion station morning show and afternoon show have regular traffic reports. I’m sure that most of you rely on those intermittent Vancouver traffic reports to stay updated on what is going on out there.

But what do you do when you think there is a problem you need to avoid? It’s during the time crunch when you likely need to switch a radio station from music, to getting the straight goods. Do you even know the times when you can get Vancouver traffic reports? Like say on News 1130, you know traffic is on the 1’s. I know it. It’s embedded in my head and guess what? When I need traffic, I go to News 1130. Of course there is AM730 traffic radio but what I find is that I waste time there. On News 1130, when the clock strikes on the 1, I know to switch up my Vancouver radio station. Sure I switch back to my music or talk radio station, but I prefer the strict and consistent time that News 1130 sticks with throughout the day.

So what do you like to do when it comes to Vancouver radio stations and getting your Vancouver traffic reports?

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  1. Sandy January 4, 2015 at 10:27 pm #

    Yep. 1130 has a monopoly on traffic news and traffic is the number one thing on people’s mind in this gridlocked city.

    Problem with News 1130 is the latency. Sometimes their reports are 15 minutes old so you are on seen and stuck in traffic due to an accident on a bridge which 1130 has not yet reported. Other times an accident might have already been cleared and you take another route thinking it is still there. The reason is because 1130 relies a lot on callers letting them know about traffic updates.

    Another problem is that they primarily focus on traffic slowdowns due to heavy traffic or some anomaly like an accident. They sometimes miss road construction. But, then again, when doesn’t metro Vancouver have road construction going on? I guess you have to keep those city workers busy some how by digging up and paving the same old roads!

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