Dan Russell Sportstalk on CISL AM 650

This is one of the rumors making the rounds these days. Dan Russell and Sportalk on CISL 650. Dan has said via his Twitter account that he won’t announce where his show is moving until this week is completed at CKNW 980. So to say that CISL AM650 is the new home for Sportstalk is […]

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Dave Pratt back on TEAM 1040

Wow talk about a busy time in local Vancouver radio! Dave Pratt has resigned from CKNW, effective immediately. Where did he end up? Back on the TEAM 1040 in fact! With Dan Russel gone from CKNW 980 and Pratt gone, and you combine that with the “Sports” omitted from the newly designed CKNW logo and […]

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CKNW fills 10pm time slot with Coast To Coast show

Never heard of the show “coast to coast”? You’re not alone. Instead of hearing sports on CKNW at 10pm, you’re going to be listening to George Noory and his topics about UFO’s, strange occurrences, life after death, and other unexplained (and often inexplicable) phenomena. This is a big change from listening to Canucks talk isn’t […]

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The Shift with Mike Eckford on CKNW

Do you know who Mike Eckford is? How about Michael Eckford? If you’ve watched the popular Shaw community channel show “Urban Rush”, then certainly you know Mike Eckford. Well he’s coming to CKNW with a new show. With the news about Dan Russel’s Sportstalk not being renewed, there was a lot of questions about what’s […]

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Did anyone notice the new CKNW logo?

We’ve already discussed the loss of Sportstalk on CKNW 980 and that the station is “moving in a different direction” in that time slot or perhaps all together. Is their new logo an indicator of the giant 98 and their lack of faith in sports? On the CKNW website, they still list Sports on their […]

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